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About Our Business

At White Lotus Massage we heighten the lives of the people we touch by caring for the mind, body and spirit through our relationships with our guests.

We are passionate about our guests and their well-being and we are dedicated in providing love and positive energy into everything we do.

Your Perfect Massage

Don’t think of massage as an indulgence or a reward for a rough week. Regular massage not only uplifts your everyday life but also smooths out the rough spots, helping you to be at your best physically and mentally and making it easier to deal with life’s curve balls.

First Time?

We invite you to explore our sanctuary and learn more about what to ​expect on your first visit with us.

Dedicated. Problem focused massage or just relaxation. Built and maintains her loyal clientele. Naples quality at Charlotte County Value.

Michael S.


109 E Olympia Ave 

Punta Gorda 33950


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